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A new Legacy website has now been made available to all Legacy distributors!

Show prospects the research and studies behind, proven benefits of and heritage of hyperimmune egg. It is full of the historic and current research that doctors and research minded people want to see: www.igyhyperimmuneegg.org
(Replaces www.hyperimmuneegg.org and should make acquisition of new business partners and customers easier than ever!)

This website is NOT intended to be used as an initial prospecting tool but rather as a resource for technical & research level questions.

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Welcome to your LegacyForLife website! My wife Jacqueline and I have been satisfied customers and distributors of LegacyForLife products for 14 years. We have both experienced life changing results with their hyperimmune egg products, and we love the income that the LegacyForLife business provides us.

We have been asked by the president and CEO of LegacyForLife to help distributors throughout the company, no matter what distributor groups they are in, develop and grow their businesses. In that spirit, we have built this distributor support website. It's a work in progress, and we invite you and your team to grow your businesses around the information, training and resources contained within. We, together with your support team, are here to help you!

While some distributors choose to primarily retail products and others choose to sign up product outlets like gyms, spas, doctor's offices, veterinary clinics, etc., this website focuses on the distributors who want to generate very substantial income by developing a large network of business partners. This website contains something for every business model however.

The purpose of this website is to give you some direction while you build your business. It is not a rule book, but a guide book. The "how" of building your business is as big as your imagination. These suggestions come from very successful people who all agree on one thing: LegacyForLife delivers quality products to the end consumer and a balanced lifestyle of health and financial freedom is available to anyone who follows the plan put forth in this website.

Dr. Dennis P. Steigerwald