Legacy Cold Market Prospecting Script

Hi, is ______ (prospect's FIRST NAME) there?

______ , this is _____ (your name), and I am giving you a quick call from (your town and state). The reason I'm calling is, at some point you indicated on the internet that you were looking for a way to generate income from home, and I wanted to see if you're still looking.


Great. ______, if you'll just grab a pen, I'll give you a website to look over. Let me know when you're ready. (Give them your website of choice.)
Ok, and let me also give you the spelling of my name and my phone number here in (state). ______, would you please read that back to me? Great, that's perfect.

I'll also email you some information to look over and the subject line will be ______. This information together with the website I just gave you should give you a clear picture of what we have and how you can turn it into the income you're looking for.

I know you'll either have some questions when you've looked the material over or you'll be ready to get started, so what would be the best time for me to follow up with you to either help you get started or get your questions answered? I have (give a time) open later today or would (other time) be better for you? All right ______, I'll give you a call promptly at ____.

Just one more thing ______, if something comes up and you need to change the appointment time, would you please call me at this number (give them your phone number) to re-schedule?


Great, thanks! I look forward to our appointment, so please enjoy the information I sent over and have a great day. Thank you.


Follow-up Call

When you follow up, you want to field a question from the prospect, e.g.

Hi ______, it's ______ getting back to you about the project we discussed earlier, have you looked the information over?


Great, well ______ let me ask you, what was it that you liked best about what you looked at and what questions came to mind?

That's a great question ______, and it's actually one that I had myself when I first looked at LeagcyForLife. The good news for both of us is that I have someone who can answer that question much better than I can, so hold on and we'll see if they're available.

3-way to upline support.

Introduce yourself and your prospect to the upline. Say something positive to the prospect about the upline (e.g. successful with Legacy, helping you with your business, etc.) and then tell the upline how you know the prospect (lead, friend, etc), what the prospect is interested in (product/income or both). Then tell the upline what the prospect has looked at and what the prospect's question is. Don't say a word from this point on, just listen and take notes until the upline support person turns the prospect back over to you and thank them for their help.