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1. People Looking for Home Based Income:
There are literally millions of people looking for a legitimate, lucrative income stream that they can easily develop from home. The current economy is fueling the movement toward this type of home based income.
LegacyForLife provides a completely unique opportunity for these people. This creates a tremendous opportunity for LegacyForLife distributors to generate life changing income by just sharing tools like this website with others.
For details, please look through the following links: Exclusivity! & How Do I Make Money

2. People Who Want to Regain and Maintain Optimum Heath:
If you want optimum health, you must have immune system balance. Your immune system stands between you and disease and death every second of every day. If it is weak, you get sick and may die. If it's confused and mis-directed, you have allergies. If it attacks you, you have an auto-immune disease and it is your worst enemy. Finally, your immune system uses inflammation to protect you but, if it does not shut the inflammation down when it is done you become subject to virtually every chronic disease/condition known to man!
Hyperimmune Egg, in the form of i26, is PROVEN to provide people with optimum immune balance.
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Watch this video for one very important life saving aspect of what i26 can do for people:

How many people do you think have asthma and allergies? (An example of just one huge market within the market of human health.)
Click the picture below to watch this compelling 4 minute video and just think what this could mean to them, and you!

3. Optimum Health for Pets:
Hyperimmune Egg has been tested extensively by DuPont-ConAgra Vision and proven effective with five different species of mammals (not to mention all the human studies). You can look up the research and patents in the "Exclusivity" link on this website. As a result LegacyForLife, which launched as a product line for people only, has introduced a line of "dog chews". Dogs LOVE them! The video below was done by a VERY happy dog owner, Daniel, who was depressed because his four legged friend Teddy was limping around, lethargic and just not enjoying life. Daniel and his wife Connie both had great results with i26 themselves and decided to give Teddy some Legacy Dog Chews and, well, the rest is history... just watch:

All animals can take i26 safely (our cat Oliver loves it sprinkled on his wet food every day) and people even give i26 to large animals like horses. It provides the same immune balance benefits that people enjoy and is a cost effective way to protect our four legged family members. Optimum pet health for 20 cents/day! Are you kidding me! Oh, by the way, the same natural performance enhancement that people experience with IGY Recovery Proteins is available to animals who compete.
For details, click here: Pet Immune Health

4. Improved Athletic Performance... naturally:
A recent addition to the LegacyForLife product line is hyperimmune egg in the form of "IGY Recovery Proteins". This very special protein has been proven by double blind placebo controlled study to improve athletic performance in five key areas i.e. 20% faster Recovery 16% increase in Endurance 9% Increase in Anaerobic Power 3% increase in Muscular Strength. On top of that "IGY Recovery Proteins" has just been granted the coveted "NSF For Sport" certification for safety and quality. When you put these two statements together you have a ONE OF A KIND product in a huge and rapidly growing market!
For details, click here:
IgY Recovery Proteins, then watch this short video: A great example!




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