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The #1 Reason LegacyForLife is the Best Home Based Business Choice for YOU!

There are a number of important factors to look at while you are deciding on the home-based business that's right for you. If you are looking for substantial, long term income the company must get high marks for at least the following:

  1. The markets for the company's products should be huge, the products must be unique, the demand great, the timing must be right and the products must work and produce a profound benefit to the customer! Click here for STORIES
    *NEW: To see what WebMD has to say about hyperimmune egg and read some great testimonials, go to WebMD.com and enter 'hyperimmune egg' in their search bar!

  2. The company must have strong financial backing and a history of success over at least five years.

  3. The compensation structure (how you make money and how you are paid) must be rewarding, fair and easy to understand and explain. It would be best if there were early income rewards for sales and sponsoring followed by larger rewards for leadership. There should be virtually no income ceiling.

  4. The company and the team you register with must provide you with tools, support and training that make you confident that you can start fast and succeed even if you have little or no experience.

  5. **Most importantly, once you have confirmed that the company you are looking at has an A+ rating on the points above, you should look for the rarest of all things, EXCLUSIVITY! Why?If your product/service can be found elsewhere (especially at a better price) you will have a hard time building and maintaining the substantial, long term income you are looking for. The word EXCLUSIVE means both unique and belonging to one group or person ONLY, and that is a tall order.

So, I ask you: If you found a company that not only excelled in all of the categories above, but also offered a completely unique, proven and patent protected product line in the huge markets of human health, pet health and improved athletic performance, do you think you could make money with it if they gave you the exclusive marketing rights worldwide?

Well, with LegacyForLife you have found just that and it's the #1 reason to get started NOW!

The information below will show you that LegacyForLife has the best and most unique product lines in the huge markets of human health, pet health and improved athletic performance (as well as patent protected marketing exclusivity).



"Legacy Credibility" Audio by
Dr. Dennis P. Steigerwald

A ten year, fifty million dollar investment in research and development by Dupont and ConAgra, through their life science division of Dupont-ConAgra Vision, resulted in an all natural food for optimum immune system function. This food is called hyperimmune egg and has been scientifically proven to be safe and wonderfully effective. When marketed to the general public for improved human health it is sold under the name Immune26, or i26 for short. i26 has been put through rigorous clinical testing by some of the most respected and advanced institutions of our time, including Harvard Medical School, Cornell University,New York Hospital for Special Surgery, Beth Israel Hospital in New York and even with the United States Army.

This major breakthrough in immune technology balances immune system function and, while a well-functioning immune system is the foundation of our health, the company which holds the exclusive rights to distribute i26 states emphatically that i26 does not cure or treat disease. They maintain that healing comes from within and happens when the immune system is in balance, which is exactly what i26 accomplishes.

LegacyForLife, which is based in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma, currently owns in excess of 100 U.S. and international patents on i26. To put this in perspective, you should consider that of the thirty-five thousand health and nutrition products being marketed, approximately 1/4 of one percent of them have any patents at all, and couldn't get one if they tried.


For example, LegacyForLife has recently expanded the formulations for i26 to include a healthy, safe and delicious meal replacement for Weight-Loss (keeps you full for 4-5 hours!) as well as supplements for those other important members of our families, our pets. We also offer other safe, cutting edge proprietary products outside of our i26 line which add to the efficacy of our weight management and anti-aging programs. Our most recent addition to our hyperimmune egg based line is very exciting. It's called IGY Recovery Proteins and has been proven by double blind placebo controlled study to improve athletic performance in 5 key areas. It has also recently been approved by the prestigious credentialing agency NSF for sport, making it a one of a kind product in this huge market. This is all a result of continuing study, research and testing which is now in it's 25th year.

We believe that this heritage and the ongoing life changing results experienced by customers taking hyperimmune egg in it's various forms truly make it the health product of the century. This confidence is why LegacyForLife makes all of it's products available with a 90 day unconditional risk free trial. No questions asked!

Dr. Dennis P.Steigerwald


The website below is a great resource for people who want to understand just how unique hyperimmune egg is and look at the world of research and patents behind it:

The information in the link below is for those people who need to delve into the research behind hyperimmune egg in extreme depth:
Avian IgY Antibody: In vitro and in vivo ( David Carlander, Ph. D. 2002 Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Medicine. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Uppsala. 1119:1-53.)




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