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As a distributor with LegacyForLife you make money when products are sold/purchased as a result of your efforts. This can be a direct sale to a customer (who may or may not also be a distributor) or a sale/purchase made by someone in your distributor team.

Some sales commissions and bonuses are paid each week and commissions on purchases and sales by your distributor team are paid each month. This allows people to generate income immediately while they build up a large residual income stream. Car allowance bonuses and percentages of global sales by the company are also available to those who excel at building their distributor group and helping others succeed. There is literally something for everyone.

Some people choose to make some money by gathering customers for our excellent products and others choose to build a distribution team of business partners. In both cases income is a direct result of product purchases and, while some distributors choose to primarily retail products and others choose to sign up product outlets like gyms, spas, doctors, veterinary clinics, etc., this website focuses on the distributors who want to generate very substantial income by developing a large network of business partners.

My advice is to first click on the Dream Calculator to get a sense of what is possible (e.g. enter 3 who find 3 and then compare this with entering 5 who find 5) and decide which applies to your income dreams (you can use any numbers you want but these are exemplary). Keep in mind that the yearly income projections DO NOT even include the income you would receive from pure customer sales by the distributors in your group, it just reflects their monthly product auto-delivery. It also DOES NOT include the many lucrative bonuses available for motivated people. Here are two examples of the substantial income potential available to you with LegacyForLife based on a distributor finding just 4 people who buy the:

The following guidelines for maximizing your income with the
LegacyForLife compensation plan are very important (print them out):

  1. Personally sponsor as many business partners (distributors) as you can (with either $149 or $499 kits). Remember, you receive lucrative bonuses paid each week for each personally sponsored person and the people they sponsor (see "overview' below)!

  2. Never give sponsorships away to distributors in your group. Why? You would lose out on the lucrative sponsorship bonuses paid out for these sales and ALL sponsorship bonuses paid throughout that group!

  3. You can sponsor a new distributor and place them under an existing distributor in your group, just keep the sponsorship... it's easy to do online or by phone! Make sure you have at least 3 first level personals before you do this and ONLY do it to reward someone who is producing, not to stimulate or incentivize someone.

  4. Do not place a new distributor under an existing distributor who is more than 2 levels below you.

  5. Make sure that you have at least 3 active personally sponsored distributors on your first level but aim for 5 or more (see Dream Calculator).

  6. Make sure that all distributors agree to do at least 85 PV auto-delivery and make a 90 day commitment to their auto-delivery AND their business building efforts. Distributors who will not make that commitment will never succeed.

  7. Strongly suggest to customers that they set up auto-delivery for their products. They get the best price, it's convenient and they are protected by a 90 day risk free trial. This is very important for many reasons!

  8. Have your distributor team members use this website as a guideline and encourage them to GO FAST when they decide to start !

Once you have read the guidelines above and have printed them out, click on the "Compensation Plan Overview" link below. It will give you a good sense of how you will be paid for your efforts.

If you feel that you must read the details, click on the "Compensation Plan Details" link below but DO NOT OVER-ANALYZE IT, just write down questions and bring them to your support team. Most people get confused by compensation plans and studying them just slows them down. Don't be one of those people. It's always more important to know what to do than to to study where the money comes from.

Compensation Plan Overview
* NEW!! Legacy has made MAJOR enhancements to the compensation plan seen above in the "Compensation Plan Overview". This means more money for us (an increase to 7% commission for levels 2-7) and easier qualifiers for advancement... this is HUGE!

*Here are two examples that make clear what the income potential difference is between gathering preferred customers only and finding business partners. You can do either, and we will help you in either case. The most important thing is for you to decide what you want, understand what it takes to get it and then commit to that program:
Business Partner Program
Preferred Customer Program

Compensation Plan Details

While your income will be a reflection of your efforts, your support team is here to help you succeed wildly! Just follow the 90 day plan, use the tools, use the system, work with your team, keep it simple and you will Win With LegacyForLife!

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